Porta Rainbow Wheelchair

The Porta Rainbow is a non-folding paediatric wheelchair for children aged between 4 and 11 years.

The Porta Rainbow is highly manoeuvrable with a fixed basket, integral oxygen cylinder holder and handles to secure the child whilst in transit.

Its multi-coloured upholstery will uplift childrens wards with its bright colours.

The robust non-folding construction of the wheelchair may alleviate the growing problem of unauthorised removal from your premises, as they do not fit in to the boot of many cars.

To enhance customer choice the Porta Rainbow is available as either, a front or rear steer chair

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4th March 2016

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Height 1100mm (470mm from floor) Seat Height 470mm
Width 440mm Seat Depth 320mm
Depth 1030mm Back Height 690mm
Weight 25kg Castor Front 100mm
Length 1030mm Braked wheels 200mm
Swivel Castors 100mm front/Rear 200mm Finish Blue

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